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Our history

Scandinavian Airlines System - SAS - was formed in 1946 by the three national airlines SILA (Sweden), DDL (Denmark) and DNL (Norway) to operate intercontinental traffic.

In 1951, the consortium SAS was established and took over all traffic for the three national companies (SILA was then merged with ABA). A common SAS share was introduced in 2001 in the three Scandinavian countries (SAS AB). Over the years, SAS has had different organizational forms. In 2009, after a loss of billions the year before, a complete restructuring of the group began with concentration on the core business, focus on the Nordic home market and the sale or liquidation of a number of subsidiaries. The national SAS companies were united into one airline with headquarters in Stockholm.

1918 - 1958

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2000 - today

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